Finisher T-Shirt Update

Note: This blog post provides the most up-to-date information on finisher t-shirts for the UK and Ireland. If you are a participant from North America, please click here for information for your region.


This week we launched Tough Mudder Redefined, introducing Mudder Nation to the latest and greatest, most hardcore, 100% new elements of Tough Mudder for 2015. We unveiled unparalleled new obstacles that will take you out of your comfort zone. Our Innovation Team spent all of 2014 at our Obstacle Innovation Lab researching, developing and testing brand-new obstacles and reinventing our classics, taking input from customer feedback over the last four incredible years.

We know that there are other aspects of the event that you are passionate about too, and we’ve seen some questions recently about finisher t-shirts. For the past few years, Tough Mudder has given a finisher t-shirt to participants along with their headbands as they crossed the finish line. This was a proud moment for you and for us — we loved seeing you wearing the t-shirts in airports, in restaurants, at the gym, to work — proudly representing all that is so amazing about Mudder Nation.

But in order to provide you with the best, most thrilling course experience this year, we had to make a decision about the role of the shirts in 2015. Our community of Legionnaires, first-time Mudders and long-time fans made it clear: obstacles are king, above all else — and we have taken this to heart, investing our resources into everything you’ve seen unveiled this week (and still to be announced in the coming weeks). We also know from Mudders that it’s not the t-shirt but the headband – in orange, green, blue, yellow, pink, and black — that is the true badge of honor, and the ultimate Tough Mudder trophy.

In order to bring you what’s most important — top-quality, exhilarating new obstacles — we’ve had to prioritize, and finisher t-shirts will no longer be part of the registration package. We don’t make decisions like this lightly, and our decisions were made with the goal of providing you the best possible overall event experience in the industry. That said, we want to be clear that anyone who registers for a 2015 event before February 1 will receive a free Tough Mudder t-shirt after finishing.

Completing a Tough Mudder event is something to be proud of — and we are dedicated to celebrating that experience with you. We’ll be there at the finish line with all-new orange headbands — and your Legionnaire headbands. We can’t wait to hand you your hard-earned pint at the finish. We’re also working continuously to improve our free event photography so you can have an amazingly high resolution record of the experience. Above all, we strongly believe that the most valuable Tough Mudder take-away will be the memory of conquering incredible new obstacles with your team — and we want to make sure that’s available to everyone, and that it’s the best possible experience out there. We believe strongly in the value that we offer our participants — we believe it is the best value in the industry, and we are anxious to deliver that on site in 2015.

Thanks to all of you who reached out and asked us about the status of t-shirts and the reasoning behind this decision. It helped us realize that we need to keep an ongoing dialogue with you around event changes to make sure you know how we are delivering on your expectations.

For those who have registered for an event but did not select a shirt size, you will receive an email in early February to collect your size information. Ahead of your event your event, an email will provide information on how you’ll receive your shirt.

Thanks for all of your support for Tough Mudder Redefined – the reception has been unbelievable – and thank you for helping us stay true to keeping you, Mudder Nation, close to the ins and outs of our decisions.

See you on the course.