Cage Crawl

This is a perfect chance to practice your backstroke...under 60ft of steel fence with only a few inches of air. Muster up the mental grit and you'll do just fine. It’s as easy as breathing.

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Face Your Fear

Take a deep breath and stay calm. That’s the best way to face an obstacle that incorporates claustrophobia and water.

Use The Cage

Hook your fingers onto the cage to pull yourself through the water. Keep the rest of your body still and float your way to freedom.

“It was intimidating but when I made it out the other end I truly felt like I’d overcome a fear.”

The Inside Word
Deep dive into the details of Cage Crawl.
How to Conquer
Ease yourself into the water and beneath the cage. Submerge your body in the water and grip onto the fencing. Keeping the rest of your body still and breathing steadily use your hands to pull yourself along. Having your teammates on hand with words of encouragement and directions will see you through to the end.
Obstacle Training Tips
Cage Crawl is a an obstacle that tests your mental fortitude more than your physical strength. But good grip strength will help you hang on and get you to the end faster, in the gym pull ups are a good exercise to try but scrunching up a ball of newspaper at home will do too.
Obstacle FAQs
Q: Is it really that scary?
A: We all have different fears. However being trapped in water is going to get even the calmest Mudder’s heart rate going.


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