Hero Carry

Piggyback rides are fun. Hauling your tired, muddy friend (or new acquintance) along a long stretch of trail is exquisite. Don't worry - you'll get to switch with them halfway.

Grit Teamwork Strength Fun
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Grit flame
Teamwork flameflameflameflame
Strength flameflameflame
Fun flameflameflame

Choose your Style

Piggyback or Fireman style – that is the question. See what feels right.

Eye on the Prize

See that sign in the distance? That’s where you switch. Make haste.

Meet & Greet

Don’t know anyone? No problem. Odd numbers are as common as even numbers. It’s time to meet a new friend.

“It was the greatest, muddiest piggyback ride of my life.”

The inside word
Deep dive into the details of Hero Carry.
How To Conquer
Talk with your teammate (or random partner) about how you’d like to carry and/or be carried. Piggybacking is traditional, but the advanced fireman’s carry technique – in which you carry your partner across your back by hooking one of their arms and one of their legs with your elbows – is the key for fastmovers.


The concept of carrying a companion for the sheer joy of it is surely as old as humanity itself. Our innovative team would never dream of taking credit for it.

Discover the obstacles